Friday, October 29, 2010

3 Months

Time goes by so fast! My little guy is 3 months old! Here is a little update of Allen and all that he is doing.

--Weighs 12lbs. 13 oz.
--Is 25.5 inches long
( Please ignore that the sheet says "footprint". They didn't have any "handprint" forms.)

--He's learning to grab and hold onto things (other than fingers--he's been doing that since day 1)
--He can hold his head up all on his own
--Hates tummy time on the floor or couch. He'll just lay there and lick the couch until he decides he's had enough and then starts crying. But he will tolerate it if you lay him on your stomach
--Learning to kick-off/push-off with his legs
--Getting really good at following things with his eyes and focusing on things
--Is FINALLY starting to get on some sort of sleeping pattern
--He's definitely a morning baby. He loves waking up, but is cranky in the evenings.
--Laughs (especially when hanging out with his Dad)
--Has been learning to make sounds and likes to "talk"
--Loves to be cuddled
--Has started getting scared by things
--Threw his first tantrum (Seriously!)
--Likes watching tv
--Likes sitting in his bumbo, sleeping in his car seat, and really likes to be outside

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Monday

It's Monday. And this picture perfectly illustrates how I feel about it.

Hoot Hoot

Our ward had a chili cook-off and cupcake contest for our Halloween Party this last weekend. My cooking skills are less than mediocre these days so I decided cupcakes would be the safer route. I got together with my Mom to do some decorating (I knew I would need supervision). Allen loved being Mommy's little helper. He held onto his wubby and told stories while we decorated :) These things turned out so cute! But they were SO frustrating. (Nothing ever turns out the way you plan.) Separating the oreos and trying to get all of the frosting on one side of the cookie was the hardest part of this project. We had lots of fun though (Thanks Mom!) and I'm already looking at ideas for next year.

My little owls won the contest--I couldn't believe it! There were so many fun and unique cupcakes at the party--everyone is so talented! I wanted to copy all of their ideas!

Cupcake decorating is hard work. My little helper was exhausted.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Many Faces of Allen

Allen already loves playing with his Dad. They have so much fun together! He laughed for the first time this week, and of course it was with Parker :) Here are a few shots of the many faces of Allen. (I love that he and Parker are making the same face in some of these!)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Allen vs. Himself

Allen's given himself quite a few scratches, but this one is by far the worst! I didn't even get around to taking these pictures until a day after it happened, so it was already starting to
look better.
He doesn't seem to mind at all, but it's so sad! I was really thinking about making him wear his little newborn mittens again...but then I guess he'd never learn :(

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the scratch was deep enough that it bled a little. :( I'm really trying to love and enjoy every phase he goes through, but hopefully there won't be too many more of these little battlewounds.

Are You Ready For Some Football?!

Football season is in full swing and we've been watching our fair share of games. Parker thinks it's important to get Allen started early :)Here's Parker doing the Heisman pose. I don't think Allen minded being the football.
Poor little guy fell asleep while watching a game with his Dad.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blessing Day

On September 26, 2010 Allen Parker Ainge was blessed by his Dad, Parker W. Ainge. It was such a special day for us. Over the last year my testimony of the Priesthood has truly been strengthened through the experiences Parker and I have been through. Little Allen didn't even have to wait for his Blessing Day to receive his first blessing from his Dad. He had his first blessing when he was just a few days old and was struggling with eating and jaundice. I am so thankful for the Lord's power on this earth and even more grateful to have it in my own home. It has been yet another testament in my life that the Lord is truly aware of each of us. Allen didn't have any shoes to go with his blessing clothes, so he wore his little doggie slippers. (If I could get away with it, I would totally wear my slippers to church too!)My wonderful friend Valerie and her husband Karl. (Little Fischer's Parents.) Great Grandma holding Allen. My mom holding Fischer Christensen. Allen's friend :)

Allen being held by GiGi.

Allen's Great Grandma Verla and Aunt Lori.

Parker and Uncle Ulises

Aunt Laura holding Allen and his cousin Presley (Presley is about 4 months older than Allen)

Sitting with his Grandpa

Being held by Uncle Rusty

Great Grandma has been in the hospital and couldn't come to the blessing. We made sure to go visit her so she could be a part of Allen's day.

Aunt Alicia and Alex

We're so thankful to have been blessed with such incredible families and friends. (Wish we could have gotten pictures of everyone!) You guys all mean so much to us! Thank you for sharing this special day with us.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be Still My Heart

I am SO in love with this little guy! Who knew your heart could grow so much?

Ruff Day

Krug had a really rough day yesterday :( Poor little guy was super sick. Here he is cuddling with his bear and resting up after such a long day.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Fall is finally here and I am so excited! Fall brings some of my most favorite things:

1. Cold Weather

2. All kinds of wonderful holiday traditions & get-togethers with family


3. General Conference!

As part of BYU's "Recapturing Beauty" campaign I was lucky enough to be able to go and hear Stephanie Nielson speak last night. (If you don't know who she is, her blog link is in my sidebar: NieNie Dialogues). What an amazing woman! Her message was both humbling and inspiring and has definitely helped me get in the right frame of mind and spirit for General Conference this weekend. If you have a minute or two, click on the link below to watch her Mormon Messages video "My New Life". I've also added the link for BYU's "Recapturing Beauty" campaign if you're interested. (The campaign is being provided by BYU's Women's Services department.)

Also, just a quick update on our little family...

Allen had his 2 months vaccinations. Poor little guy!

And... Parker took and passed the GMAT!!!

I'm so proud of both my boys :) and am looking forward to spending General Conference weekend with them. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well!