Friday, October 29, 2010

3 Months

Time goes by so fast! My little guy is 3 months old! Here is a little update of Allen and all that he is doing.

--Weighs 12lbs. 13 oz.
--Is 25.5 inches long
( Please ignore that the sheet says "footprint". They didn't have any "handprint" forms.)

--He's learning to grab and hold onto things (other than fingers--he's been doing that since day 1)
--He can hold his head up all on his own
--Hates tummy time on the floor or couch. He'll just lay there and lick the couch until he decides he's had enough and then starts crying. But he will tolerate it if you lay him on your stomach
--Learning to kick-off/push-off with his legs
--Getting really good at following things with his eyes and focusing on things
--Is FINALLY starting to get on some sort of sleeping pattern
--He's definitely a morning baby. He loves waking up, but is cranky in the evenings.
--Laughs (especially when hanging out with his Dad)
--Has been learning to make sounds and likes to "talk"
--Loves to be cuddled
--Has started getting scared by things
--Threw his first tantrum (Seriously!)
--Likes watching tv
--Likes sitting in his bumbo, sleeping in his car seat, and really likes to be outside

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  1. it so fun to watch these little ones as they learn new things.