Monday, November 29, 2010

4 Months

I'm in denial. He cannot possibly be 4 months old already! Can someone tell me how to stop time? Every moment with our little A.P. is wonderful. I just can't believe it's going by so quickly.
Some things about Allen:
--Weighs 14 lbs and 5 oz.
--Is 26 inches long
--Is always playing with his hands and trying to figure out how to fit his whole hand in his mouth at once.
--Has started sucking his thumb. Sort of. He can't figure out how to get just his thumb in his mouth so he sucks on his thumb and index finger.
--He is such a happy baby. He's laughing and smiling all the time.
--Graduated from the bassinet and has been sleeping in his crib.
--Definitely a morning person. The only thing consistent about his schedule is that he is up every morning at 6:30am.
--Starting to enjoy tummy time (instead of throwing a fit the minute he was placed on the ground)
--Starting to recognize Mom and Dad
--Starting to pay attention to Krug.
--Follows voices, sounds, and objects with his eyes and will turn his head.
--Using his legs and feet to kick-off and push.
--Loves, loves, loves watching lights. The Christmas tree lights have him absolutely mesmerized.
--Has started trying to reach for things.
--Doing much better at holding onto toys and blankets.
--Loves bath time and splashing.

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