Friday, February 11, 2011

First Sleepover

Parker and I are constantly talking about how much our families do for us. We have incredible parents and siblings that support us in so many ways. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL. After having Allen, even more blessings began to pour into our lives by way of our families. What would we do without all of you?
Well, the other day my sister was over at our house and she graciously offered to sleep in Allen's room so I could get a full night of rest. I'd completely forgotten what that felt like. I woke up feeling like a new person and I'm pretty sure Allen had a fantastic time having his first "sleepover". :)
For those of you wondering, NO, Allen did not sleep on the floor. He slept in his crib with his auntie on the floor next to him (She claims she likes sleeping on the floor. I'm pretty sure she is lying so I don't have to feel so guilty.) This is how I found the 2 of them the next morning--playing and reading stories together :)