Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lots and Lots of Halloween

We had so many fun things going on for Halloween this year. We had our ward party a few weeks ago with a chili cook-off and cupcake contest. My little owl cupcakes are in an earlier post. We had a really good time hanging out with some of our new neighbors and enjoyed eating really yummy chili. One of the sisters in our ward is a photographer and she took everyone's photos. They turned out great! (Allen was ready for bed by then so he wasn't his happiest during the picture taking.)
We got together with the Sneddon's to celebrate Halloween. A few days before Halloween we did dinner and pumpkin carving. We were all feeling pretty ambitious for the carving but by the time we got around to it, it was late and our energy was running out! Mom came up with a great idea that had our pumpkins ready-to-go in less than 20 minutes :)
We ended up having a stormy Halloween evening. I kept thinking about all the little trick-or-treaters being so cold! We kept warm inside playing games and eating LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of goodies.
After MUCH debate, we decided not to get Allen a Halloween costume. Instead, I got him some Halloween pajammies and decided he'd be much more comfortable in those anyway. He looked pretty dang cute to begin with, but his auntie added a little something to his outfit...

Isn't he the cutest?! We couldn't stop laughing. Hope he's not too embarassed when he gets older and sees all the silly things we did to him :)And you just know that if we do things like this to our kid, then we would certainly do something to the dogs as well...

Krug and Chinghis were both pumpkins (it's hard to find things to fit Chinghis). But Krug actually had 2 costumes. He was also the "steed" for the Headless Horseman.

The dogs didn't want to miss out on the good food :)

We had a wonderful time just being together and laughing.
Hope all of you had a fun Halloween as well!

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