Friday, April 2, 2010

Couch Potato

My dog is a couch potato. I've heard some people describe dogs as "lazy". Honestly, I think they just have a true understanding of how to relax and take life easy. After we first got Krug we quickly learned that whatever we were doing, he wanted to be a part of it. He'd always join us in the front room when we were watching a movie or one of our shows. Once Krug learned that the couch was strictly off-limits he decided to claim the recliner in our front room as his own. He's quick to make himself comfortable (one of the many great dog qualities I've come to admire). But he'll also find other suitable locations (he really likes to sit as close to the couch as possible and then snuggle himself into the blankets that hang over the edge). Shortly after we got him we noticed that he would occasionaly watch tv with us--depending on the show--but he would actually watch tv! He was always extrememly interested when there were dogs on the screen. Sometimes we joke and put on dog shows just so we can watch Krug go crazy and bark at the tv while he's watching. Well, the other day I was trying to fold laundry and Krug kept thinking it was fun to grab the clean clothes and play "keep-away". I finally gave up trying to chase him around (I don't have very much energy these days). I had an epiphany. I went and grabbed my "Snow Dogs" dvd and put it into the computer--within moments Krug had seated himself quite happily at the computer and was watching the movie!
He sat there for an hour and enjoyed his show and I was able to fold the laundry in peace. I was so proud of myself and thought the whole thing was so funny. I promise I won't make a habit of using the television as a babysitter...or a dogsitter.

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