Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beware the Dark Side

It has taken me forever to get these clips posted! A few months ago Parker & I watched all of the old Star Wars movies. (I think it goes without saying that these movies are pretty dang awesome.) They were playing on some odd cable channel and we had a lot of fun watching them again. Well, I've mentioned before that Krug will often watch tv with us. The weekend we watched these movies was probably the first time we noticed just how much tv he was watching. He was hooked! And I think he may have enjoyed the movies even more than we did.

These clips are little long (about a minute), but are pretty funny. Needless to say, Krug is definitely a Star Wars fan :) This first one just shows him avidly watching a scene with Han Solo and Princess Leia. He was pretty much like this for most of the trilogy.

Krug was quick to recognize the bad guys! He definitely did not like the storm troopers.

This last clip is my favorite. It shows Krug's reaction to the ultimate villain, Darth Vader.


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  2. Krug is the funniest dog. I love the little bugger and I haven't even met him yet. Lets get together and have a doggie play date.