Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Little Organization

I have a shelf! This may be mundane news to some of you, but I am SO excited about it! Parker and I have a storage closet on the outside of our condo and for the last year it has been a complete disaster. It didn't matter how I tried to organize it, it was always such a mess. And in order to get the box or item we needed I would have to unload the whole closet. Such a hassle.

Well, not anymore! My super helpful brother Rusty came over during Thanksgiving break and built a shelf in my closet. I can practically hear the Hallelujah chorus! I'm wishing I would have thought to take a "before" picture but here is the "after"!

Isn't it wonderful?!

And of course Krug found a way to include himself. He had fun playing with all the 2x4 scrap pieces.

Thank you so much Rusty!!!

The new shelf is perfect!

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