Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This last week we celebrated Rusty's 19th birthday! He got to spend the day partying with Alicia --I'm told there was lunch, a movie, and some shopping involved. (The rest of us were super jealous that we couldn't join them because we were all stuck at work.)

Then we all got together that night for yummy dinner and some games. He could pick anything or anywhere for dinner and he picked KFC (Keep in mind that this is the same guy that told us not to get treats for his birthday because he doesn't want to get fat. Did he think that big bucket of chicken was low-cal?) :)

Rusty, true to his mischevious nature, peeled the frosting out of the middle of the oreos and waited to see how long it would take us to notice that our frosting was missing!
Alicia found this amazing shirt for Rusty. It has a battery pack (Seriously!) and the shirt recognizes sound and movement. Below is a clip of the two of them, in all their craziness, playing with the shirt.

Hope you had a great birthday bud! We love you so much and had a great time celebrating with you!

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  1. My favorite is that out of everything to chose from he chose KFC. Although I do have to say they have some good chicken.