Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We've Moved

Here are my boys helping me pack. Best little helpers ever! Well, let's be honest, they didn't help much but they kept me in good spirits with all the stress of moving and getting our condo rented :)

Over the last year, Parker and I had been discussing what would be best for our little family's future and what steps we'd need to take to get a house. After much discussion and praying we decided to rent our condo and move in with his parents so we could finish saving up for a down payment. We have such wonderful parents and families. We're so thankful for ALL the incredible work and help my family put forth in helping us pack, move, clean, make repairs, and keeping us from going crazy during this process. And we're so thankful for the Ainge's who are welcoming us into their home. Thank you so very much.

We have LOVED our time in our condo. It has been a perfect haven for our family and we will truly miss our first home. It was hard to let go of, but we have some wonderful memories that will always be with us.

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  1. First off, that picture is HILARIOUS! I love it. Secondly, moving is always hard. Keep looking forward to the future. Having your own home is the best.