Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Disneyland: Part 1

For Christmas, my parents took us to Disneyland. We had an absolute blast! Spending the week together on vacation was such a wonderful Christmas present. There are LOTS of pictures, so I'll do my best to narrate. Getting packed. In the end, Allen decided he didn't want to ride to California in a suitcase.
He was much more comfortable in his carseat :) For a 5 month old on a road trip, he did pretty good sitting in his seat for all those hours. We took lots of toys and books with us to keep him occupied. He sure loves his books! The "tail" end. Playing with Grandpa while we stopped for lunch. Ready for his first day at Disneyland! He got the stroller for Christmas and it was perfect for our trip. Allen's first ride! He wasn't sure what to think. Throughout the week we took him on every ride he was allowed to go on. Some he liked...others not so much. I think The Tiki Room and Peter Pan were his favorite and he absolutely hated Pinocchio and the Toy Story ride in Adventureland.

The park was REALLY crowded. They actually reached their capacity several of the days we were there and had to close the gates. (We got there early every day to make sure we'd get in.) It was so fun seeing the park decorated for Christmas!

The Haunted Mansion and It's a Small World were completely decorated inside and out for the holiday. So fun!

At night, the castle is "magically" covered with snow.

There were SO many things for Allen to see and experience.

This kid LOVES wearing glasses. He thinks it's so funny anytime we put them on him. It was nice to be able to distract him with them anytime we got stuck waiting in long lines.
Part 2 soon to follow!

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