Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Stockings Were Hung...

Well, we haven't actually hung the stockings yet. BUT, all of our other holiday preparations are complete! Last week my wonderful hubby helped get our tree set-up. I got this little gem off ksl for $15 right after we got married. Every year, after the complete and utter hassle of getting the darn thing put-up, we claim that we will most certainly be purchasing a new tree. But we never seem to get around to it, and I think it's because we are secretly getting attached to this dodgy little tree that seems to suit us so very well.Parker has got to be the most patient man alive. Seriously. He puts up with so much--including my Christmas nerdiness and my need to get decorations put-up before Thanksgiving even gets here. Is there some kind of award for Husband Of The Year? Yes, the tree is totally slanted. We have to battle this sucker every year. Thank goodness for a little creativity, duct tape, and some kitchen towels or the tree would never make it. This is our third year though and I think we're actually getting it down to an art form now.Ta Da! Isn't it just beautiful?! I love my little tree! It's amazing how it can go from being something seemingly inconsequential to something so great. Parker commented that it's sort of a metaphor for ourselves. (See?! He's so wonderful. Always so quick to see the good in everything.)

I was also able to get all my shopping and wrapping done before Thanksgiving too. I got to use my new wrapping paper and I was so excited! Didn't they turn out so cute?! I went with a gingerbread theme so they'd match my tree ornaments. (I told you I was a nerd.) And the snow got here just in time to add to the holiday spirit! I just love winter! Krug had lots of fun bounding around in the snow drifts. He got into the holiday spirit as well. He dragged his stocking around the entire time we were decorating :)
Our little Christmas characters are watching over the presents to make sure there isn't any snooping going on. :)

Now the only thing left to do, is sit back and enjoy this wonderful season.

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