Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Splish Splash

Allen LOVES bath time! He's usually a pretty good baby, but even more so when he gets to have a tub. He's perfectly content to just sit there and soak while being scrubbed.

Look how skinny he was! :( I'm proud to inform you that he has finally been gaining weight these last few weeks and is starting to get fat rolls!

Before he started gaining weight, I had to put a big towel in his tub to add some padding and help support him because he was just so small! (The washcloths in the photos serve a dual function. One, to keep him modest :) and two, to keep him warm.)
The one thing Allen doesn't like about bath time is getting out. He's very quick to let us know he's cold and wants to be put right back into the warm water. He'll only be appeased when bath time is followed by a great deal of cuddling. No problem there!

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  1. the picture of the three of you in the corner is gorgous. As for bath time...who doesn't love a nice warm bath. It's Fischer's favorite time of day.