Friday, October 9, 2009


Thank. Goodness. It’s. Friday. Has it been a long week for any else? I felt like Friday really took it’s time getting here. I found this picture earlier in the week and it made me laugh so hard! It had me cracking up while I was sitting at my desk and trying to stifle my giggles while I answered the phone. It had me laughing again when I sent it to my sister. And again when I sent it to Parker. So either it’s really that funny or else I’m just delirious from a long week of not enough sleep. Maybe both. Either way I hope it gave you a laugh—even a small one. And I hope that all of you out there have a great weekend ahead of you. I’m realizing more and more that I have the horrible tendency to get way too caught up in life and I forget to enjoy just living it. So here’s my challenge to all of you: Make sure you take time to really enjoy life, even if only for a few moments, before Monday morning dawns and we are back to our routines again.

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