Friday, September 18, 2009

Swiss Days 2009

Every year in the fall, during the Labor Day Weekend, our family would drive up to Midway for Swiss Days. It's a family tradition that I have loved to continue throughout the years as we've all grown older. The boys would head off to the sheep dog competitions while us girls had fun shopping at all the booths. And then we'd all meet up for lunch and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Midway together.

The crowds and the heat get worse every year but it's an event we just can't pass up. This year Dad and Parker couldn't join us but we were able to talk Rusty into coming up. He even tagged along during the shopping and helped carry all our bags :) This is one of those days that really reminds me of why I just love being a girl. The women definitely outnumber the men and we are in groups and lines everywhere. I love the camaraderie you can find with perfect strangers--the women everywhere are showing each other the great purchases they've made and pointing out booths to each other
and finding simple enjoyment in just being
together and talking. (Sometimes I think that Men must have such deprived lives.)

Once we were completely worn out from our shopping extravaganza we headed to the food vendors and a traditional Swiss Days lunch. We get an eclectic lunch of Bratwurst with sauerkraut and dark rye bread, chicken swiss sandwiches, and the highlight of the meal--giant fresh scones with butter and honey! (My mouth starts watering just thinking about those scones!) And the experience would not be complete without the live Yodeling broadcasting over the sound system.

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