Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pilates Party!

Let me just start by saying that this was SO much fun! I mentioned in an earlier post that I was getting bored with my regular workouts at the gym. On a whim, I decided to try a pilates class and talked my sister into joining me. It only took us about 10 minutes to realize that we were in for a very serious workout...and I think both of us were wondering if we were up to the task! (Halfway through one of the exercises Alicia accused me of tricking her. She exclaimed "I thought this was going to be like Yoga!" I'm still not sure she has forgiven me.) Despite the whimpering and muscle straining we had a great time and decided to take a closer look at pilates. It's all about core training and involves a focus on breathing, control, and flowing movement. There's some flexibility involved too, but I'm not there yet. :) I've been working on some of the exercises throughout the summer and thought "What could make this even more fun?". Answer: friends! I decided to have a Pilates Party. The instructors came to my house and gave us a private lesson and we had a great time. (My wonderful husband helped move all the furniture out so we could do this!) It was quite the workout but lots of fun and gave us all the extra motivation to keep exercising. Though it can be difficult, it is so worth it! And a very nice break from gasping for air on the treadmill. Thanks for letting me talk you into this girls!

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