Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Men in My Life

We were gone on our cruise for Father's Day but I still wanted to tell all the men in my life how wonderful they are and how thankful I am for them. You all give and do so much. I'm thankful for the examples you set and all the joy you bring into my life. (And I'm so sorry I couldn't find pictures of all of you! I will have to continue searching!)

Parker--Thank you for being such an incredible husband. I couldn't do it without you! Your support and patience with me is never-ending. Thank you for always seeing the best in me and for constantly encouraging me. I'm so thankful to share everyday with you.

Dad--I'm already counting the days for your return. I'm so thankful for the lessons you've taught me all my life. You've always been there to support me and inspire me to face challenges and achieve my goals.

Rusty--My goodness I miss you so much! I've loved watching you grow-up and am so proud of you and the good choices you are making. Thank you for always being there to make me laugh and reminding me it's okay to be silly. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful little brother.

Joel--You are a wonderful grandpa and am so thankful you came into our lives. Thank you for being such a great husband for grandma and for always doing so much for all of us.

Craig--The first time I met you, you made me feel like I was already a member of the family. Thankyou for welcoming me into the Ainge Family. Thankyou for always being so generous and for taking care of everyone.

I love you all so very much! Happy Belated Father's Day!

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